• Fat away injection in Berlin – against stubborn fat deposits

Tighten the contours with the fat-away syringe

Treatment with the fat-away-syringe in Berlin is particularly suitable for individual fat deposits that cannot be reduced by diet or exercise. Compared to liposuction, in which fat cells are sucked out in a surgical procedure, intralipotherapy is a smaller and gentler procedure, but the treatment is limited to smaller areas.

With the fat-away syringe, a very fine needle is used to insert the preparation into the subcutaneous fatty tissue. Precisely placed injections of a precisely defined amount ensure that superfluous fat deposits are melted away and that fat metabolism is increased. After the body’s own fat has been dissolved, it is removed naturally via the lymphatic or macrophage system. Fat loss takes about four weeks. Up to three more sessions are then required to achieve the desired result.

Treatment with the fat-away-syringe in Berlin

The number of treatments depends on the size of the fat areas to be treated. For example, a double chin treatment usually takes two to three sessions.

The speed of the intervention is of particular advantage. The outpatient application takes between 15 and a maximum of 40 minutes, is carried out without anesthesia and does not require any follow-up treatment. As a rule, normal everyday life can be continued without any problems immediately after the treatment. In the case of facial treatments, however, the reddening or swelling of the skin that may last for several days should be considered. Would you like to know more? Contact us!

Fat pads on the stomach, legs and buttocks are not only a problem for women. Men too have to struggle with fat accumulations who do not want to go way despite a healthy diet and exercise. So-called injection lipolysis is possible to treat excessive fatty tissue, which gently and effectively provides relief.

Areas to be treated:

  • Double chin
  • Upper arms
  • Stomach
  • Hips
  • Knees
  • Buttocks


Stubborn deposits are treated with the greatest care at Perfect Skin Berlin with the fat-away syringe. The latest preparations are used. Severe swelling and pain immediately after the treatment are perceived much less strongly. After about 4 weeks you will see the first result.

Fat way syringe in Berlin Mitte

  • quickly and efficiently
  • has a reducing and tightening effect
  • less pain and swelling

What does this treatment cost?

Fat way syringe

Double chin
119 EUR
299 EUR
249 EUR

Fat way syringe

You should know that:

Duration of treatment:

from 15 min


1-3 treatments with an interval of 6 weeks


none to 4 days, depending on the material


depending on lifestyle


What should I do after the treatment?

It is important to drink plenty of water or unsweetened liquids after treatment. We also recommend a healthy diet rich in vitamins. You should also avoid alcohol in the beginning. After about three days you can start your sporting activities again. The Perfect Skin Berlin team will show you a specific massage that you can perform to stimulate the lymph flow, or you can come to the instituteLymphdrainage for a supportive lymphatic drainage.

How does the treatment work? Is it painful?

After a detailed anamnesis, the treatment can start. First, the area to be treated is drawn, cleaned and disinfected. The preparation is injected into the treatment area at small, regular intervals with a very fine needle. Immediately afterwards you will feel a slight pressure from the beginning swelling. There may also be reddening or a bruise. The Perfect Skin Berlin team will show you a massage that you can perform over the next few days to stimulate the lymph flow.

How many treatments will I need?

The number of sessions depends on the initial findings. Between 1 and 5 sessions with an interval of 6-8 weeks are recommended.

Possible result



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