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  • Fat away injection in Berlin – against stubborn fat deposits

Tighten the contours with the fat-away syringe

Treatment with the fat-away-syringe in Berlin is particularly suitable for individual fat deposits that cannot be reduced by diet or exercise. Compared to liposuction, in which fat cells are sucked out in a surgical procedure, intralipotherapy is a smaller and gentler procedure, but the treatment is limited to smaller areas.

With the fat-away syringe, a very fine needle is used to insert the preparation into the subcutaneous fatty tissue. Precisely placed injections of a precisely defined amount ensure that superfluous fat deposits are melted away and that fat metabolism is increased. After the body’s own fat has been dissolved, it is removed naturally via the lymphatic or macrophage system. Fat loss takes about four weeks. Up to three more sessions are then required to achieve the desired result.


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