• Effective laser acne treatment in Berlin

At Perfect Skin Berlin we work with the globally unique acne laser – N-Lite V3 laser.

The success of this particularly effective acne treatment is based on the fact that we can enormously stimulate and build up the immune system of the skin with this special and worldwide unique laser therapy.

People who suffer from acne often stress their skin for years. Numerous products and methods are tried out mostly with unsatisfactory results and over time the skin’s valuable barrier protection is destroyed. Red pimples, inflammatory skin conditions and smaller or larger acne scars are clear signs of this.

The special light of the Aknelasers N-Lite V3 destroys bacteria, stimulates the collagen and most importantly, certain enzymes of the immune system are activated to multiply many times over. In addition, strong anti-inflammatory processes are triggered, which calm the skin quickly and sustainably. The immune system of your skin is sustainably rebuilt and is now able to fight internal and external disruptive factors again.

The result

Three sessions four weeks apart are recommended. Already after the first treatment you will feel a clear improvement, the tension in the face will decrease, the first inflammations will improve and the number of pimples will be significantly reduced. The red spots, the fresh pimple marks, also fade and heal faster. At the same time, the acne scars will be better because the laser also stimulates collagen formation.

TV report NLite V acne treatment


Acne treatment has been carried out with the N-Lite V3 laser at Perfect Skin Berlin for many years. The results speak for themselves. You can feel an improvement after just one session. The laser light penetrates the inflammation site without destroying the outer layers of the skin. Immediately after the treatment they are socially acceptable again.

Treatment of acne

  • quick and lasting result
  • Improvement of skin
  • proven and tested technology

What does this treatment cost?

Treatment of acne

Part of face
ab 180 EUR
Full face
350 EUR
ab 250 EUR

Treatment of acne

You should know this:

Duration of treatment:

from 60 min


3 sessions with an interval of 4 weeks




long lasting


What is important to know?

before treatment:
– do not take antibiotics
– please do not smoke 12 hours before treatment.

After treatment:
– if possible do not smoke for 12 hours
– do not go to the swimming pool

Can my acne be treated with NLite V3?

At Perfect Skin Berlin, a detailed skin analysis is carried out before every acne treatment. If there is a non-inflammatory overproduction of sebum, other methods such as microdermabrasion, microneedling or acid treatment are used. If the acne is inflammatory, it will be lasered. Please get detailed advice before each treatment.

What happens after the treatment?

Immediately after the treatment, the skin feels looser and no longer as tense, especially in the inflammation area. Larger pimples should calm down and fade for the first few days after treatment. New pimples can appear despite the laser treatment, but should not be as severe and should also disappear more quickly.


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