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  • For the alert look – no more dark circles under the eyes!

Beware of PuffyEyes

Eye bags

  • directly visible result
  • long lasting result
  • relatively painless treatment

Eye bags

1 ml special hyaluron for the tear trough
285 EUR

Eye bags

You should know that:

Duration of treatment:

45 min

Mode of action:

invasive with local anesthesia


approx 1-3 days, poss. bruise, but rare


9-12 month


What happens during a treatment?

An anamnesis sheet is taken before each injection. Here illnesses, medication intake and allergies and intolerances are discussed. The skin is cleaned and disinfected. The injection site is numbed with a local cream. The certified original preparation from Teoxane is brought into place with a blunt, flexible cannula. You will hardly feel any of it. Only the place is unusual for them. The result will convince you.

Which products do you use?

We consistently use the only certified product on the German market for injecting the tear trough: Redensity 2 from Teoxane. Perfect Skin Berlin assures that we only use original goods and that we are always up to date with the latest training and knowledge. That is our quality promise for you!

How much material is used?

At Perfect Skin Berlin we almost always start with 1ml. Our motto is to gradually fill up the lost volume, so not to overwhelm it. If the tear trough is very deep, we recommend injecting again after 4 months.


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