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  • Perfect Skin facial treatments: modern, effective and effective

Exclusive anti aging treatments in the middle of Berlin

Anti Aging treatment

Microdermabrasion, special chemical peels, medical microneedling and modern laser procedures give your skin its evenness and glow. The skin becomes finer-pored, fresher and firmer. Smaller scars or wrinkles can disappear and new collagen and elastin is stimulated and your skin is built up. Slack areas of skin and sagging contours are treated with radio frequency or the HIFU method. Without damaging the upper skin, your skin is visibly tightened.

Wrinkle injection / thread lifting

With hyaluronic acid, collagen stimulators or even with special threads, it is possible for us to stop and improve the signs of the times. With certified original products, we replenish lost volume on the lips, cheeks or chin area and restore their natural beauty. We take a lot of time, advise you honestly and explain realistically about achievable results.

Acne and acne scar treatments

Perfect Skin Berlin has specialized in acne and acne scar treatments for many years. The Aknelaser N-Lite V3 can significantly reduce and improve acne breakouts. The heat exposure is so brief that your skin is not irritated. The treatment is therefore also ideal for teenagers and young adults to get rid of annoying acne scars and pimples.
Another effective laser technology is available to us for the treatment of severe acne scars.

Permanent Make Up

Finally beautiful eyebrows, perfectly shaped lips or emphasized eyelids … no annoying tracing every morning or after exercise – with a permanent make-up at Perfect Skin Berlin this dream can come true. At Perfect Skin Berlin, our expert Dagmara takes a lot of time for advice. Together the right shape and color are found and first drawn.


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