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  • Mesotherapy – for well-groomed, smooth and healthy skin

Gently and needle-free into the depths of the skin

Electromesotherapy is the safe and needle-free alternative to traditional mesotherapy. Rich active ingredients are channeled deep into the skin and can develop their full effect on the right levels of the tissue. The immediately visible result is a refreshed and radiant complexion on the face and body.

An even and fine complexion is a mirror for a healthy lifestyle, for joy and success.

In order to always have well-cared for skin, it is important to perform microdermabrasion and mesotherapy regularly. Your skin is freed of old flakes of skin and the way is open to channel nutrients deep into your skin in a targeted manner. After a precise skin analysis by the skin experts at Perfect Skin Berlin, effective serums and active ingredients are put together individually and applied to the dermis. This is the only way to ensure adequate and long-lasting nutrition for your skin.

Microdermabrasion and Mesotherapy – the classic maintenance treatments

The skin is a living organ, is constantly renewing itself and is constantly changing. This is where the aging processes appear most clearly. It is therefore important to treat and professionally care for the skin regularly.

Areas of application:

  • Anti Aging treatments
  • Wrinkle treatment
  • Rehydration of the skin
  • Skin tightening and toning


With mesotherapy, the Perfect Skin Berlin team can optimally supply your skin with high-quality materials. Depending on your skin type and skin problem, we put togehter the right active ingredient cocktail for you and work it deep into your skin. With needle-free mesotherapy, the serums can penetrate the skin deeper and in higher concentrations. you will feel the electro-mesotherapy as a very pleasant and relaxing treatment. The result is a beautifully replenished and adequately nourished skin.


  • Well-being treatment with immediate effect
  • Perfect care for the skin
  • Glow, shine and radiance for your skin

What does this treatment cost?


89 EUR
Neck and décolleté
59 EUR
Face including neck and décolleté
139 EUR


You should know that:

Duration of treatment:

60 min

Perfect Skin Berlin recommendation:

one treatment every 4-6 weeks


none, immediately socially acceptable


4-6 weeks


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